Advice to Sell Used Car

Selling your used car privately should not be stressful. We understand a lot of people are apprehensive about under taking this. We have put together a guide to help you through from start to finish.

Prepare your Used Car – That is why we highly recommend that you have your vehicle professionally valeted before it is made available for viewing to potential buyers. We have partnered with your local valeters to bring you some great deals on car valeting.

Stone chips put buyers off used cars – They look terrible, and obviously expose the bare metal and are prone to rust. This all adds up to potential future problems in the buyers mind. These can be easily rectified for a tiny cost. Purchase a touch up stick from your local auto specialist, take the used car down with you so they can check that the color codes match, and do the touching up yourself. BEWARE: A steady hand is required.

Mechanically you should do some basic checks on the used car – Checking the oil and water levels is essential. Even if your buyer has not got a clue what is under the bonnet and what to look for, they will ask to see the engine. (For no other reason than it is what is expected from someone who does know what they are talking about)

Wording your advert – Many used car sellers over time have got this wrong, and then wondered why the phone is not ringing. Below are some basic steps to carry out to ensure that your advert is spot on. However as long as you remain sensible, buying a used car privately can have you on the road for a substantial saving. But be aware to Level of trim, Color, Service History, Features, and Price.

Some free resources are – Going to a dealer to get a trade in value. It may be advisable to get 2 or 3 as they may differ slightly. Anything you get over and above this price should be deemed as profit.  Photograph: Include a co lour photograph of your car. This will be one of the biggest selling features of your advert.

Buyers -This is without doubt what sellers are most apprehensive about: Dealing with used car buyers. It always seems as if the buyer is in control and has the power because you really want to sell the used car. In our experience it really doesn’t have to be this way at all. As long as you know what to expect you should not be caught out so do some of Test Drives, Professional Inspections, and Negotiation.

Getting Paid -This can be the most difficult part of the transaction. Ideally get paid in cash. If it is a lot of money has the buyer meet you at your bank and pay it straight into your account. This way the bank can check for forgeries on your behave.